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“Deceptively deep and deceptively complex.

Lance Myxter Undead Viking

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“I always say there’s nothing new in board games, but the way Sol plays makes me feel like some core mechanics are so fresh that I've never seen them before—and Sol's game play is not just new; it's intriguing and exciting.”

Anthony J Gallela Game Developer and Chair of the KublaCon Game Design Contest

“Sol […] feels like a major invention both mechanically and thematically. Its rules are simple and stripped down—almost to the point of being an abstract game—and yet, it sports a robust decision matrix rife with interesting choices.”

Cole Wehrle designer of Pax Pamir

“Sol: Last Days of a Star effortlessly blends theme with mechanics, providing a rich and unique play experience. This game is good on so many levels but what really makes it shine is the dynamic player interaction driven by the shared use of space stations, warp bridges and solar harvesters. No player can win on their own, but only one will succeed in escaping solar annihilation.”

Tim Eisner Weird City Games, Designer of March of the Ants

“Intense and nail-biting to the very end.”

Andrew Tullsen Founder of Print and Play Productions

“Deceptively deep and deceptively complex.”

Lance Myxter Undead Viking

“Sol is great! You are constantly trying to plan the perfect set of moves while balancing that with an ever-changing board.”

Chase Van Epps Print and Play Productions

“The beauty of Sol is that the players build the board together, opening new strategies each game. I keep coming back to try out new tricks.”

Mohammad Ali Member of Stumptown Gamecrafters

“Sol has some real meat on its bones and un underlying elegance that made it a standout at BGG.con. I can’t wait to get this to the table again!”

Mischa D. Krilov Board Game Hero

“I have literally played Sol dozens of times, and quite frankly it never gets old. The variability in the rule set, built on a solid base, allows me as a game master to adapt the game to the group that is playing”

Chad Nichols Dungeon Master at Geekline 415