The Worlds of Sol

For centuries, we lived in a Utopia, drawing energy directly from the sun. Our forebears had constructed a vast solar harvesting infrastructure to feed limitless energy to the five worlds, providing everything we could need or imagine.

In recent years, however, massive solar flares and unprecedented instability have destroyed the solar lattice we had long taken for granted. Our planets are cast into darkness, our societies into chaos. The heliologists tell us the decline is irreversible—the instability will only increase, and any day our star could go supernova, eradicating all life in the solar system. For the apocalyptic among us, the End Times have come.

And yet many of us still dare to hope! Each of our planets has built an Ark, poised on the edge of the solar system. While most of us will inevitably perish — These Arks wait poised at the edge of the solar system, ready to escape, but they require a great deal of energy to attain the momentum needed to flee our solar system. It was a stark realization: the only source of such vast energy is from the dying star itself.

The urgent task we now face is to rebuild just enough of the shattered solar harvesting infrastructure to harness the energy needed to propel our Arks out of the solar system—before the Sun goes supernova and consumes everything we know.

This is our only hope.

World of Hawkini

The Hawkini Federation

This is the classic Utopia. Every human desire satisfied and accounted for. Food is plentiful and delicious. Disease and pain are unknown. Everyone is free to create and indulge. Everyone is a musician, everyone knows math, everyone paints and sculpts and gardens and writes poetry. They speak in poetry. Their architecture is spires and towers and suspension bridges and domes. They all have tasteful bioenhancements: multiple eyes, extra arms, tiger stripes, wings. Everything is self-expression and individualistic. Everyone is beautiful and refined and amusing and wise.

World of Dani Helios


Collective intelligence and biological enmeshing. Everyone's minds are linked, they think with one planet spanning awareness that is rich and diverse and tendriled. They have merged with plants in an inseparable way, they feel the energy from the sun, they drink light, and spill forth in every conceivable pattern of foliage and growth. Leaves and pods are spilling all over the planet. It is one giant throbbing, breathing, growing, unfurling consciousness, ecstatic and joyous, seeing with every eye at once. A collectivist paradise.

World of Arel


Underwater playfulness and symmetry. They swim in pods, glide through the water, feast on schools of fish and spores, play in coral and kelp beds. Their architecture is vast and unknowable, with countless underwater caverns and bubbles of structure. They are immersed in the flow and the pressure of a massive water planet, and everything is huge in scale, both spatial and temporal. They communicate through emitting noises which recreate images in the water, basically transmitting images directly from mind to mind. They have elaborate and millenia developed hierarchy which is impenetrable to outsiders.

World of Zyuu Clarum

Zyuu Clarum

Transcendent spiritualists. The people of this world have almost entirely abandoned the material world, except for whatever vestige is necessary to support their spiritual life. They remain floating and meditating for weeks on end. Their world is closest to the sun, so they spend most of their time drawing nourishment directly from the energy streams they channel to other worlds. They are in touch with a realm beyond the one that can be measured or detected by other beings, communing directly with the strata and fundamental nature of the universe.

World of Sideralis


These people vanished long ago and were thought to be entirely extinct, but really they retreated to the darkness of the asteroid belt and have been living in open space. Not much is known about them except that their form has become nebulous and appear only as a kind of shadowy flame. They draw energy directly from open space and also consume asteroids slowly over many centuries, leaving behind only a porous and empty shell. They communicate through flashes of energy that turn the empty space into a glittering fabric of light. Their appearance in the effort to escape the supernova has surprised everyone and lead to much fear and alarm among the other worlds.